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The Story of Little Lady B.

Design duo, Tara and Marlene Herrera, have a beautiful 5 year old niece named Breana. She’s smart, strong, fun, bold and most importantly, she’s confident. While shopping for little Breana, they realized that there’s no children’s clothing brand that truly reflected her style. So with their fashion background, Tara and Marlene started designing and making clothes for their little niece. With all the personal touches on her new clothes, it became apparent that Breana started to feel more beautiful and secure about herself. That’s when Little Lady B came to life.

The Product

Little Lady B offers high quality designs at reasonable prices. It’s true that little girls love to play, run, jump and get dirty no matter what they’re wearing. It’s also understandable that parents are busy and need to catch a little break from time to time. That’s why Little Lady B designs fun, stylish pieces that are comfortable for all the girls’ favorite activities and easy to care for.

The Motto

“Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Breathtakingly Beautiful, Be Little Lady B”

Like everyone out there who has little ones that they love and cherish, the common goal is to raise them to become the best version of themselves. Little Lady B believes that there’s nothing little girls and women cannot achieve. These young girls wearing Little Lady B will feel confident and empowered. Our brand is all about spreading Girl Power!


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